Gamejam 2016 incoming!

Hey friends, our 2nd gamejam is near!

We will develop board games as well as video games together. Our first weekend will be slow-slow with some games to get to know each other. We will talk about game ideas and how to realize them. The coming weekends will be productive and sporty, the final weekend will have a small presentation and some surprise.

If you want to support us:
- We are still looking for translators for Farsi/Dari, Somali and Tingrinisch. If you have some skills, feel free to drop us a line and support us:
- You can help us with your donation at Betterplace

More infos soon :)

2015 – What games were developed?

On monday we started with around 10 gamejam people. In the first two days we had to collect and sort all the ideas and things we wanted to have in the game. People told their stories about how they became refugees. There was so much to talk and to think about. We did some brainstorming and made scribbles which helped us to focus on some main ideas.

On Tuesday we started to work with Unity3D. Kristina from Microsoft supported us with a cool beginner workshop. The game engine helped us to get started. After a short time we could just walk and jump around in our game world. We started wo work on the game. All together, but in small groups and on different parts of the game.

On wednesday we concentrated our efforts on the first level which got bigger and bigger. We found a lot of cool and free 3D models, so we started to download a load and played around with them.

Flo from Acagamics supported us on thursday with some AI programming and Till looked for more free models. By then we had kind of a workflow, but in the end the level was too big for being published. The fun was worth it and we had a good time together. The next gamejam is coming soon and we know what to make better next time: Keep it small, keep it simple. :)

… and the story goes on. There is a new game in development, inspired by and based on all of those gamejam impressions. And it is even going to be released at some time, so stay tuned!

Urrope / Genre: 2.5D Serious Adventure / Status: At work

Urrope / Genre: 2.5D Serious Adventure / Status: At work

Urrope / Genre: 2.5D Serious Adventure / Status: At work

Urrope / Genre: 2.5D Serious Adventure / Status: At work

First Gamejam is over – but no reason to be sad!

The gamejam in Halberstadt was an experience for everyone involved. One thing we can say for sure: We will jam again! Our game is still in development and we will keep on working on it, but until you can get your hands on the first level, you can have a look on what was going on from 14.09.15 – 18.09.15.

We were supported by Kristina from Microsoft, Flo from Acagamics and our Bitcoin buddies Friedemann, Manu and Stefan and the Bitcoin community (1, 2, 3, 4). We want to thank our sponsors who made this possible – Reiner Straubing, Linksjugend Sachsen-Anhalt and Think Big. A special thanks goes out to the Zora Halberstadt for having us and Katha, Mo, Antje, Till & all the people who supported us during the week, before and after – you guys are awesome!

Here’s a short summary from our facebook timeline:

First day is over – a little bit chaotic, but also a lot of fun! :) Pixels united!

Posted by Gamejam in Halberstadt – Solidarity with Refugees on Montag, 14. September 2015

Second day is over – We got in touch with Unity3D and started to work on our game. Thanks for the cool workshop, Kristina!!

Posted by Gamejam in Halberstadt – Solidarity with Refugees on Dienstag, 15. September 2015

Third day is over – There was sooo much going on! We learned more about Unity3D, got some really good help for our game AND we had a cool workshop with free (chocolate + digital) bitcoins for all! A lot of thanks to Flo, Manuel and Stefan for their input! You guys rock!

Posted by Gamejam in Halberstadt – Solidarity with Refugees on Mittwoch, 16. September 2015

Fourth day is over – And an awesome week is going to end. We lived together, we ate together, we played together! Friendship has no borders. Love to you all!

Posted by Gamejam in Halberstadt – Solidarity with Refugees on Donnerstag, 17. September 2015

The week is over – But no reason to be sad. This won't be the last time we've jammed together. See you guys!

Posted by Gamejam in Halberstadt – Solidarity with Refugees on Samstag, 19. September 2015


Play together, stay together – Refugees welcome!

--- ENGLISH ---

Refugees who arrive at Saxony Anhalt are forced to stay in the ZASt in Halberstadt (Central recieving office for asylum seekers) until their asylum status is settled. The ZASt has run out of capacity so refugees had also to stay in provisional shelters like a sports hall. This sports hall and a tent of helpers was attacked by young right-wing activists twice with stones. For years people in Halberstadt are facing problems with Nazis and everyday racists.

There are people in Halberstadt who could need any sort of support and help. Fleeing is no fun and no crime, yet refugees are confronted with prejudices and an unhuman burocracy. Most of the time they have to wait and can‘t do anything, which can be very frustrating.

Let’s face this grey daily grind with our creativity and solidarity and do what has always connected people in history: Playing and creating something new together. Let’s organize a game jam and take care of exchange and dialogue so everybody feels welcome. Let’s get creative, let’s eat, let us develop cool games – together!

For a whole week, we want to develop our own board and video games. Don‘t know how? No problem, we will learn it together!

It‘s gonna be very chilled. We will not only be playing and developing games, we‘ll also cook and chat. So you‘re also welcome if you don‘t have any programming or designing experience.

You don‘t have to be there the whole week, but a short feedback would be great if you want to attend! Please write a short mail at – or just join us spontaneously.

Here’s our time table: CLICK

--- GERMAN ---

Flüchtlinge, die in Sachsen-Anhalt landen, werden zunächst in Halberstadt in der ZASt (Zentrale Anlaufstelle für Asylbewerber) untergebracht, bis über ihren Flüchtlingsstatus entschieden ist. Die Aufnahmekapazitäten auf dem Gelände einer ehemaligen NVA-Kaserne sind erschöpft, sodass Flüchtlinge bereits in einer Turnhalle untergebracht werden mussten. Junge Rechte griffen hier Hilfszelte und Helfer des DRK wiederholt mit Steinen an. Seit Jahren gibt es hier Probleme mit Nazis und Alltagsrassisten.

In Halberstadt gibt es Menschen, die jede Form von Unterstützung gebrauchen können. Flucht ist kein Spass und auch kein Verbrechen, trotzdem schlagen den Menschen oft Vorurteile entgegen und sie sind einer unmenschlichen Bürokratie ausgeliefert. Die meiste Zeit verbringen sie mit warten und können nichts weiter tun, was sehr frustrierend sein kann.

Setzen wir diesem grauen Alltagstrott unsere Kreativität und Solidarität entgegen und machen das, was Menschen schon immer verbunden hat: Zusammen Neues schaffen und spielen. Stellen wir zusammen eine Gamejam auf die Beine. Sorgen wir mit unseren Mitteln für Austausch und Dialog – zusammen rumspinnen, essen, sich austauschen und Games entwickeln!

Innerhalb einer ganzen Woche wollen wir zusammen unsere eigenen Brett- und Videospiele entwickeln. Keine Ahnung, wie das gehen soll? Kein Problem, wir lernen es zusammen!

Es soll alles in einem lockeren Rahmen stattfinden. Es wird nicht nur gezockt und entwickelt, sondern auch gekocht und gequatscht. Deshalb auch gern ohne Programmier- oder Designerfahrung vorbeikommen!

Ihr müsst nicht die ganze Woche dabei sein, für die Planung wäre aber eine kurze Rückmeldung top! Schreibt einfach kurz an – oder kommt einfach spontan vorbei!

Hier ist der Zeitplan (englisch): KLICK